Barefoot Leaders are ordinary people who achieve extraordinary results with surprisingly few resources. They do not need fancy shoes or power jackets to get things done. They lead by serving people at the ground level. They possess the art and heart of going the extra mile. And they’re able to inspire many others to go the extra mile to achieve the greater good.

Purpose Labs

The Purpose Lab helps a small group of leaders connect and grow deep. Guided by Alvin's coaching and mentoring, Lab members will go the extra mile to achieve personal and professional breakthroughs.

Top Team Coaching

Senior leaders of great teams are able to align the personal aspirations of their people to achieve a higher purpose for their organisations. This requires leaders to make choices about what to do and what not to do, and wholeheartedly communicate those choices to inspire people to go that extra mile. At Barefoot Leadership, we coach clients to lead themselves in order to lead high-performing teams that impact companies, cities and countries.


As a bestselling author, Alvin Ung connects with audiences through gripping stories and powerful strategies of how Barefoot Leaders deliver breakthroughs amid life’s challenges. You’ll learn how a high-school dropout became a global expert in micro-finance. Or how a failed manager built a world-class eco-lodge by training illiterate young people. CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers and parents have learned how to make simple changes that have an immediate impact on themselves personally and on their organisations.


Facilitating supports leadership. By asking insightful questions and drawing from the latest research in neuroscience, Barefoot Leadership facilitators are able to co-create a leadership programme with clients and their teams to address their organisation’s most important leadership challenges. These are not one-off events. The Barefoot Leadership Circles (BLC) harness a highly customised process to help the management team “B.A.R.E.” it all by Building Bonds, Action, Reflection and Engagement. Through BLC, transformed lives will transform the life of the organisation.


Alvin Ung’s purpose is to grow leaders who embrace their calling. As a facilitator and coach, Alvin finds joy in creating a safe space where leaders can renew relationships, build trust, and contribute to breakthroughs. Alvin gained extensive experience from designing leadership programmes for the next generation of top civil servants in Malaysia, working with senior economic officials in Southeast Asia, and convening CEOs from 20 large Asian companies. His work has been written up as case studies by the top-ranked IMD business school in Switzerland.

  • Mentor and speaker at EY’s World Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

  • Twice named as Fellow at Khazanah Nasional, the sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia, where he studies transformational leadership in Asia

  • Co-founder of Leaderonomics, an award-winning social enterprise in leadership development

  • Taught leadership, spirituality and creative writing at universities in North America and Southeast Asia.

Alvin and his family live in Kuala Lumpur, where they tell children’s stories in a local library and school.

The Barefoot Leadership Circle (BLC) program

at Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry