The Headless Chicken and The Spark

A Journey of Learning and Growing on the Run

Are you becoming like a HEADLESS CHICKEN? You are busy running aground and getting things done. Yet you feel like you’re doing the same old things the same old way. No time to think. No time to stop. No time to really connect with people. No time to read this book….

Authors: Rebecca Fatima Sta. Maria, Angelina Gurunathan,

Aedreena Reeza Alwi, Alvin Ung

Or are you becoming like a BRIGHT SPARK? You wake up each day energised to do the things that matter the oat to you and your organisation. You feel grateful to be where you are today. And you believe you can learn something from this book that will help you ignite energy in others….

In this book we share how it’s possible for anyone to move from being a headless chicken to become a creative spark.

Here are some stories of ordinary people at MITI who go beyond their job description to walk together as “barefoot” leaders:

  • Build bonds of trust and friendship with one another

  • Act together to address challenges at MITI

  • Reflect on their actions in order to lead more effectively

  • Engage and mobilise others to go that extra mile.

Sometimes we cannot help feeling like headless chickens. But we can become that creative spark by learning and growing on the run.

Who do you want to become today?