Barefoot Leaders are ordinary people who achieve extraordinary results with surprisingly few resources. They do not need fancy shoes or power jackets to get things done. They lead by serving people at the ground level. They possess the art and heart of going the extra mile. And they’re able to inspire many others to go the extra mile to achieve the greater good.


In Barefoot Leadership: The Art and Heart of Going the Extra Mile, there are stories, case studies and reflection tools. Above all, the book contains 10 principles of Barefoot Leadership that will help you discover your own leadership path.

  • Let Go of Control

  • Embrace Your Calling

  • Courage

  • Humility

  • Deliberate Practise

  • Savour Joy

  • Do What You Love

  • Love What You Do

  • Every Person Matters

  • Your Life Matters


Purpose Lab

The Purpose Lab helps a small group of leaders connect and grow deep. Guided by Alvin's coaching and mentoring, Lab members will go the extra mile to achieve personal and professional breakthroughs.

Top Team Coaching

Senior leaders of great teams are able to align the personal aspirations of their people to achieve a higher purpose for their organisations.


As a bestselling author, Alvin Ung connects with audiences through gripping stories and powerful strategies of how Barefoot Leaders deliver breakthroughs amid life’s challenges.


Facilitating supports leadership. By asking insightful questions from the latest research in neuroscience, Barefoot Leadership facilitators are able to co-create leadership programmes.